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How To Get Out Of A Shooting Slump

As shooters, we’ve all experienced shooting slumps. It can be one of the most frustrating things a player can experience in basketball. They can begin to ruin your confidence, challenge your mental, and make you second guess yourself and your ability. Here are 6 ways that are guaranteed to help get you out of that shooting slump!

1. Getting Extra Shots Up

Get in the gym and get reps up. Most of the time, shooting slumps are mental. Getting in the gym and seeing the ball go through the hoop is the simplest way to help get your confidence back.

2. Ensure your shooting mechanics are correct

If your shooting slump is more than a mental block, something might be off with your shot. If you have access to game footage, look to see if your technique or mechanics are off. If they are, get in the gym with your coach or trainer and ask them to help you fix your shot. If your fundamentals are incorrect, strip back the layers and start from the basics - you may have to reverse engineer your shot to ensure that you are shooting for success.

3. Develop a "next play" mentality

All it takes is one shot to get you out of a shooting slump. In order to get out of shooting slump, you have to develop a next play mentality. Forget about your last shot, and focus on the next shot. Try to let go of your worries or frustrations and keep a positive mindset. When you take the fear of missing out of the equation, you will notice that you feel much more relaxed. Stop being afraid to miss shots, and be ready to make shots!

4. Positive self talk

The brain is a powerful thing and it will listen to whatever you tell it - so make sure you are feeding it with positive self talk. Quiet the negative self talk and replace it with positive affirmations. Tell yourself your next shot is going in, tell yourself you’re the best shooter in the gym, tell yourself whatever you need to in order to maximize your chances of success. Actively feed your mind with positive reinforcement, affirmations, and encouragement.

5. Don’t Lose Confidence

Remember, even the greatest shooters go through shooting slumps. It can be especially frustrating to be in a slump when your mechanics are right, your form feels good, you are taking the right shots, but you are still missing. But the reality is, you can be doing everything right, and sometimes you will still miss. Don't lose trust in yourself. Basketball is a make or miss game - but something under your control is how you respond to the missed shots. Do you hang your head and tell yourself that you’re a failure, or do you tell yourself that the next shot in going in? Choose to believe in yourself and stay positive!


Most importantly, KEEP SHOOTING. If you want to get out of a shooting slump, you HAVE to keep shooting! The best players in the world have all experienced a slump or two during their career, and the one thing in common they all share that has gotten them out of it, is to keep shooting the basketball. Don't forget, you are only one shot away from ending a shooting slump!

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